Water Damage Repair

Nobody really understands how serious water damage can be until it happens to them personally. Most people just assume that it is like hanging the wash out on the line. Everything dries and it’s all fine again. When it comes to flood damage in a house, however, the picture is a lot more complex. Even a small amount of water can weaken critical structures such as the wooden underlayment of the floors or the gypsum panels on the wall and ceilings.

The longer it remains wet, the greater is the possibility that the damage will be irreparable except by a process of complete replacement. Getting everything dried out as rapidly as possible is the single most important factor when it comes to water damage mitigation. That is especially true when dealing with the issue of mold.

Allowing a flood damaged house or the personal possessions in it to remain waterlogged for any but the briefest period of time invites the growth of pernicious mold spores that can pose a serious health risk to the inhabitants. In severe cases, houses have been rendered entirely uninhabitable as a result of a mold outbreak.

That is why the water damage restoration specialists at Flood CA are standing by on a round-the-clock basis. We know the importance of getting a fully equipped crew onsite in the least amount of time possible. The fact that we are available 24/7/365 does not mean that we will take your information and dispatch a sales associate in the morning. It means that we will have a completely stocked service vehicle and a full crew of water damage repair professionals on the way to your house as soon as you call us.

No matter what type or degree of water damage you have, Flood CA is the company that can help you get it fixed in a prompt, professional, and affordable manner. Our services include:

  • Day or night emergency response teams
  • All-inclusive flood and water damage repair and restoration
  • Professional grade drying and dehumidifying
  • Offsite storage and cleaning of personal property
  • Direct coordination with insurance providers

What this all means is that our trained and certified technicians know the importance of getting started immediately and have the skills and equipment to ensure that the job is done right. Call (562) 228-1248 to get an emergency service team on the way or just to schedule an on-site inspection and free estimate.