The Process Of Cleaning Smoke Damage

Fires are a real risk in both commercial properties and personal residencies. Fortunately, most cities have well-established fire-fighting departments, so any kind of fire can easily be put out. Restoring a building after fire damage is not easy, especially when it comes to cleaning smoke damage. Depending on the types of items burned by the fire, the smoke on the walls and ceiling of the building can be dark and hard to remove. Furthermore, there may also be blistering and bubbling of paint on walls and ceilings. Obviously, the fire will leave behind a smoke odor which must also be dealt with.

While you may try to deal with the smoke and fire damage by yourself, it is recommended you hire qualified professionals to take care of the fire and smoke damage. We have the expertise, experience, manpower and equipment needed to deal with any type of smoke damage.

Cleaning Smoke Damage

Some people think several overcoats of paint on a smoky ceiling or wall are enough to cover up the damage. However, that does not always work. We normally start the cleaning process by salvaging items and cleaning the floor. The process entails removal of ash and debris left behind by the fire as well as any free-standing water left behind after the fire department extinguished the fire. The next step is to scrub the wall using a soft-bristled brush, piece of cloth or a sponge with a solution of trisodium phosphate cleaner. This is meant to remove any soot and charring on the walls and ceiling.
Any blistering or bubbling must be dealt with before the surface can be restored. A putty knife and sand paper can be used to get rid of the blisters and bubbling of paint. Once the cleaned surface dries up, the area is primed and painted with a fresh coat of paint. The smoke odor can be dealt with using special chemicals, Febreeze or by simply opening all windows and doors to let in fresh air.

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