Spruce Your Home After A Flood With These Household Cleaning Tips

Can you visualize the scenario inside your home after a flood? The water damages everything, including the furniture, walls, rugs, and other items soaking wet, and full of grime. This is true even for those who own multi storied houses because flash floods does not give homeowners the time to move their prized possessions to a different floor.

Keep a proof
If you have your house insured, take photographs and make notes about the damages before removing anything and starting the restoration process. This will help you while seeking claims from the insurance company.

Household cleaning tips
Accumulated water causes more harm since it damages the wooden floor, plasterboard on the walls, as well as the foundation of the building. You should first remove the meter from the socket to disconnect your house from the power grid. This prevents back feeding of electricity from a different part of the grid that is `live.’ After this, use a manual pump to drain out water.

Ventilating the affected area
Open all the doors and windows to allow maximum air circulation. This will facilitate the drying process through ventilation. If the power supply is not affected, turn on the fans and the air conditioning unit. The dehumidification ability of the air conditioning unit sucks moisture from the air and speeds up the drying process.

Rugs and furniture
Dry the upholstery of the sofa and chair by patting them with a piece of dry and lint free cloth to prevent them from rotting. Follow the same procedure for the soaked rug after placing it on top of the table.

The structure
Seek the help of a professional to check the exterior of the house and find out if the floodwater has washed out a significant quantity of mortar from the joints between the block and bricks.

We can help you
Get in touch with us today, if you are unable to follow the household cleaning tips mentioned above. Our professionals will check your flooded home, and take necessary steps to restore it to its pristine condition without burning a hole in your pocket.