Sewage Cleanup

A sewage spill has the potential to destroy your treasured possessions and cause lasting damage to your property. In addition to this, sewer backups and overflowing toilets are hazardous to health. We are Sewage Cleanup specialists who offer a complete clean up service. Our expert team of capable cleaners will create a tailored plan to eliminate the sewage and to disinfect and sanitize the affected business or home. Visit Sewage Cleanup services for further information about the removal of sewage.

Cleaning and Disinfecting after a Sewage Backup

We provide a 24/7/365 emergency service. Our response team will be with you in thirty minutes.

A back-up of sewage is considered hazardous to health; hence no sewage backup should be ignored. Sewage is filled with harmful bacteria that will lead to lasting contamination if left unattended. A home or business that is contaminated by sewage poses a severe health risk to the occupants.

Sewage contains numerous harmful organisms that can cause lasting damage to a building. A sewer backup should be dealt with immediately to ensure no further damage is caused to the building.

Dealing with sewage backups promptly lowers health risks and reduces cleanup costs, so call us immediately at (562) 228-1248.

Our Sewage Cleanup Experts will:

  • Assess the damage caused by the sewage
  • Extract the sewage water
  • Dry and dehumidify the affected area
  • Deal with the septic/ sewer backup or clear the toilet backup
  • Decontaminate the area
  • Remove sewer odor
  • Eliminate mildew odor
  • Restore the structure and contents
  • Deodorize the building
  • Conduct all sanitation work required
  • Complete sewer damage restoration
  • Do a crawl space cleanup if necessary
  • Bill the insurers direct

Property owners should be aware that water-logged crawl spaces can impact on the health of the occupants. The stagnant water can rot the attic and encourage mildew and mold to form. Our reliable Sewage Cleanup will solve the problem and disinfect and sanitize the roof space.

We provide a friendly professional service. Our Sewage Cleanup Company is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We supply all equipment needed at no extra cost and we use ECO friendly cleaning products. Our reliable teams of technicians work around the clock to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our Sewage Cleanup technicians drive fully-equipped emergency response vehicles. The mobile units are loaded with all of the necessary equipment to deal with water damage and sewer backups. We offer a free on-site inspection and guarantee all projects will be completed promptly and efficiently.

Contact us for further information about water damage and flood remediation. Our experienced sewage clean-up crew offers the quality service you expect at a price you can afford.