Effective Crawl Space Cleanup

Crawl spaces provide the perfect environment for a variety of hazardous elements that find the cool, dark spaces prime real estate for growth. Crawl spaces easily accumulate excess moisture that furthers the growth of harmful bacteria. However, moisture can become an even greater culprit by weakening or damaging the structure of your home. Crawl spaces can effortlessly become a Petri dish of harmful bacteria and they can go unnoticed until the harmful conditions affect you, your family, or the home that you love. Flood CA can provide the necessary services for your crawl space cleanup with a 3 step process including:

• Damage/Contamination Assessment
• Free Quote
• Cleanup and/or Remedial Solutions

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Crawl spaces throughout a home suffer from long term neglect that Flood CA can recognize and remedy. Habitually, rodents and pests find crawl spaces the perfect place to build their homes within your home. Any type of insulation can be falling or pulled down and damaged by rodents. Ducting could be equally damaged along with vents that have somehow become blocked. The exposure or sagging of electrical wires can pose an even greater threat of shock, electrocution or fire.

Here are some more dangers that could be lurking in your crawl spaces:

  • Water slowly seeps into crawl spaces causing endless
    troubles. The odor form standing water or sewage can become
    overwhelming. Bacterial growth will only be accelerated by
    the present moisture while wood rots and threatens the
    structural integrity of your home.
  • Some of the pests that enjoy crawl spaces as their living
    quarters can also cause structural damage. Termites live in
    their mud tubes attached to beams and walls in the crawl
    spaces and carpenter ants will multiply while eating away
    the structure of your home.
  • The rapid growth of mold and fungus in crawl spaces can cause
    structural damage and severely affect your health and the
    health of your family. Mold can become increasingly dangerous
    if the spores should become airborne and enter the living
    area of your home.

Flood CA provides the expertise to quickly recognize and remedy dangers in crawl spaces to return them to clean, safe areas.

Services include:

  • Removal of Old/Damaged Insulation
  • Replacement of Necessary Insulation
  • Removal of Debris
  • Vapor Barrier Installation
  • Repairing Heat Ducts or Installing New Ducts Properly
  • Provide Sump Pumps When Necessary
  • Fully Sanitize/Disinfect Crawl Spaces and Provide Other Applications as Needed

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