Do You Know What To Do In The Aftermath Of A Flood?

Water damage service is a God send when flooding has taken control of your life. It is not as important from where the water came as it is getting it removed from your home. While there are some steps that can be taken to reduce the damages of water, the actual cleanup should be left to the professionals when the objective is to return everything to its pre-flood state. Here are some vital first steps in the process of flood mitigation.

1. Keep a clear head by remaining calm.
2. Call your favorite water damage service company.
3. Shut off electricity to the affected areas by unplugging appliances at outlets or throwing the breaker.
4. Stop the source of the flooding.
5. Lift and secure draperies or curtains away from the water or wet carpeting.
6. Remove shoes, plants, books and other items that could stain carpets.
7. Cover feet and legs of furniture with aluminum foil to prevent it from permanently staining carpet.

Along with what you should do in a flooding situation, here are some thing you absolutely should NOT do.

1. Do Not use an ordinary home vacuum to remove water from the floor. Doing so could result in an electrical shock and damage the appliance.
2. Never use newspaper on wet carpet because the ink will transfer and permanently stain it.
3. Walking on wet carpet can spread the damage to other areas so do this as little as possible.

While it can be tempting to think that just by removing any signs of water will eliminate all the damage, consider this. Water knows no bounds and can seep into walls, baseboards, sill plates and moldings and go undetected for extended periods of time. The absorbed moisture can cause further damage to other areas of the home. Unless dried properly mold can develop causing health risks. A professional water damage service uses specialized equipment to remove excess moisture and prevent this from happening.

No one wants to experience the horrors unique to a flooding situation, but when it does happen knowing what to do in the aftermath is key to getting your life back to normal.