Crawl Space Cleanup

A decent sized crawl space offers a worthwhile additional area to any kind of property, which is important from both a storage and an added value point of view; therefore it make perfect sense to maintain it in as dry a condition as is possible. It stands to reason that any house with a crawl space, which is displaying evidence of mold, rotting joists, sagging floors, obvious signs of pests and vermin activity, has a serious problem with water penetration. Irrespective of whether this is a minor leak, or a significant flood, the situation requires professional attention.

Our team of certified technicians at Flood CA, are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to carry out a thorough assessment of both the current, together with any likely future damage, supply a free quotation and are able to put things right on that very same day, with whatever crawl space cleanup they determine necessary.

We take great pride in our prompt project completions, quickly returning crawl spaces to their original usable condition, knowing not only that we are halting the rapid decline of a structure, but also helping improve the health of a family, which would genuinely be at risk from potentially harmful odors, that could be seeping into air systems; plus unsanitary excretions deposited by the various infestations that may have taken up residence. We operate a very friendly, yet immensely professional service, with exceptionally high standards of workmanship, that are delivered with the strong work ethic, which has established us as the premier Water Damage Restoration and Flood Clean-up company.

Our evaluations will always be aimed at total customer satisfaction, which we feel is reflected in our highly affordable prices; we also offer equipment rental, with items such as: sump pumps and dehumidifiers available. The crawl space can sometimes become a neglected part of the home, but it is vital that this part of the house is maintained to a sufficient standard, to ensure that any issues with flooding, decay, rot and pests, are avoided; so place your trust in Flood CA, we are the right company to tackle these problems, be they actual or just potential, either way we will put things right.

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Our Services Include:

  • immediate assessment and free quotations
  • same day rectifications
  • removal of clutter and debris
  • removing old and installing new insulation
  • laying new vapor barriers
  • installing sump pumps
  • fixing heating ducts
  • total sanitization of space
  • guarantee of professionalism throughout

Our Site Inspections are FREE and we have an Emergency Response Team 24/7/365; so call (562) 228-1248 or REQUEST a QUOTE by filling out the form to the right hand side of this page.