Cleaning Your Home After A Flood

Water damage can be devastating to a home. Even an inch of water can do major damage, destroying your possessions and creating a potentially hazardous situation. Cleaning immediately after a flood is essential to restoring your home and preventing the situation from getting worse. By following a few house cleaning tips, you can get your home back to normal after a flood.

Inspecting the Damage

When your home has been flooded, the first thing to do is to determine the extent of the damage. Unplug any electrical appliances and remove any furniture from the affected area. If there are appliances or electronics that are underwater and plugged in, consult an expert before attempting to unplug them as they can be a shock hazard.

Get Rid of the Water

If there is a small amount of water, try to get rid of it as best you can. Soak it up with towels or use a bucket to scoop it out. For larger amounts of water, you may need to get a wet-dry vac or hire a professional to pump the water from your home. If there is mud piled up in your basement, shovel it out immediately to avoid contaminating the rest of your home.

Disinfect Everything

You will need to thoroughly disinfect everything that the water has touched in your home. Using a bleach or other disinfectant solution, wipe down surfaces and clean objects that have been immersed in contaminated water. Take all furniture and rugs outside to dry immediately, then have them professionally cleaned. If your mattress has been soaked, you will have to throw it away. It only takes a short time for mold to develop, so don’t delay when it comes to cleaning your home after a flood.

Hire a Professional

There are flood restoration services available that will get your home back to new quickly, saving it from further damage. These specialists will restore your home to its original beauty, correcting the damage and giving you peace of mind.